ExploreZone at NCS

ExploreZone is an incredible, interactive science “museum” exhibit built by high school students to demonstrate physical science and life science principles. Working in teams, high school chemistry, physics, biotechnology, and anatomy and physiology students rediscover the joy of learning science while researching and developing museum type exhibits that include an instructional component incorporating exciting demonstrations and hands-on opportunities.

On the day of the exhibit, high school “tour guides” lead kindergarten, elementary, and junior high school students, as well as area home-school students, though a fascinating world of interactive science. High school ExploreZone Explainers spend the day busily answering visitor questions, giving directions for hand-on activities, and performing phenomenon-based demonstrations in more than twenty exhibits on air pressure, chemical reactions, hydraulics, polymers, Newton’s laws, live animals, electrostatics, and more. This year NCS elementary students explored an awesome glow wall, shooting flames, liquid sand, virtual reality, Bernoulli’s Principle, gooey worms, exploding art, and many, many other exciting physical science and life science exhibits!!

The goal of ExploreZone is to nurture curiosity about God’s marvelous creation and celebrate the fact that He has given us minds to understand it, as we stimulate enthusiasm about science in students of all ages. The enthusiasm for knowledge and communication skills the high school students develop through this project will be invaluable to them throughout their personal and professional lives.

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